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Back for 2017-2018 NBA Teams and Uniforms!

Tenafly Youth Basketball Recreational Basketball

Dear Tenafly Basketball Families:

As the 2017-2018 recreation basketball season gets under way, we are pleased to announce some of the exciting enhancements TYB has implemented for the program. As always, we are mindful of our mission statement, which is at the cornerstone of the program:

“The Tenafly Youth Basketball League is a New Jersey not for profit corporation formed to provide the children of Tenafly with an environment that promotes the sport of basketball, social interaction, competition, and fun. The League’s best efforts shall be directed toward providing proper guidance and direction to meet the individual needs of the participants and in so doing, teach the fundamentals of basketball. Team Spirit and good sportsmanship shall dominate all aspects of the program.”

With this mission in mind this year:

  • We will keep standings and playoffs. IMPORTANT – We are not changing the competitive fairness rules of the program. We are looking to make our program more interesting and exciting for the hundreds of kids who participate allowing kids to have fun and compete in their respective grades.
    1. We will be posting the standings on the website (tenaflyyouthbasketball.org). We WILL NOT post scores of the games.
    2. We anticipate having playoffs for all divisions at Tenafly Middle School or another venue more conducive to crowds than the elementary schools.
  • Team Construction – We are sensitive to Rec basketball being a place where kids can be and play with friends and to carpooling requests. We are not looking to change that at its core. However, it is important for our teams to be built with competitive fairness in mind so the program can succeed. We will continue to do our best to honor requests when it fits within team equality.
    1. Contact Management – We will make sure that coaches and parents of teams have contact information for their teams so carpooling can work and be utilized when needed.
  • Volunteer Parent/Coaches – We understand the importance of coaching in a more robust recreational program. We will do everything we can to put our volunteer coaches in a position to succeed and flourish.   We want to thank each and every one of our past, present, and future volunteer coaches. You are the backbone of this program and it is greatly appreciated!!!

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are for the upcoming season!!! We assure you we take the confidence and responsibility that you have placed with us to heart AND promise to do the best we can to make sure the Rec program is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for each and every child and parent who participates and something we can all continue to be proud of!!!


Tenafly Youth Basketball Board




Juniors, Inters, and Senior Girls – Intermediate Ball - 28.5

Senior Boys – Full Size Ball - 29.5

Junior Girls – 8.5 feet

Junior Boys – 9.0 feet

Inters and Seniors – 10 feet

Juniors – 8 minutes

Inters and Seniors – 9 minutes

One 2 – minute overtime (if tied at that point – game is a tie)

Three one minute time-outs per game and 1 extra time-out in overtime

Running clock except for

  • Last 2 minutes of 4thquarter and overtime – stop time except that if a team is behind by more than 10 points running time will continue
  • All technical fouls
  • For clarification, during any stop time, clock restarts when ball is “in play”
  • Juniors only: During the last minute of a game, the clock will not start until the ball crosses half court after a dead ball.

TRAVEL TEAM QUALIFICATION & PRIORITY: Travel team players are expected to attend all Rec games and practices. Should a travel player miss more than 50% of the Rec team games, he/she will receive a warning and be subject to potential disqualification from participating in all Travel activities. On the rare occasion where there is a conflict, Travel games take priority, followed by Rec league games, followed by travel practices, followed by Rec team practices.

REC GAMES:   Games are played 5 on 5 for 4 quarters

  • All referees, scorekeepers, timers and coaches must start the game on time whenever possible. As soon as each team has 5 players – START THE GAME
  • If one team only has 4 players – the game will be played as an OFFICIAL game 4 on 5.  The team with 5 players or more SHOULD not compromise his/her players’ playing time by accepting to play 4 on 4.
  • If both teams have 4 players – the game will be played as an OFFICIAL game 4 on 4.

FOREITS: Any team with less than 4 players 5 minutes after starting time – will forfeit.   A game SHOULD be played by mixing up the players even though not an official game. Refs should oversee this game and it MUST end at least 5 minutes before the next scheduled game (no matter how short the game).



  • TEAM FOULS: On the 10thteam foul (per half) the penalty is 2 shots. Technical fouls count as team as well as personal fouls.
  • FOULING OUT: A player fouls out on the 5th If a team only has 5 players and one fouls out other than due to technical fouls (where the team will have to continue without the player ejected due to technical fouls) – that player may continue the game. Any additional fouls on player(s) with more than 5 fouls will be treated as a technical foul in addition to a personal foul.
  • TECHNICAL FOULS: Technical fouls result in 2 shots and the ball remaining with the team shooting the fouls. A player is ejected on the second technical foul and is suspended for the next game. Any player that receives more than three technical fouls during the season will be suspended for the season and his team will forfeit the game in which such fourth technical foul is charged. Similarly, any coach or parent that is charged with two technical fouls during one evening will be asked to leave the facility and barred from the facility for the next game. Should another technical foul be charged to any such person, that individual will be barred from the facility for the remainder of the season. These penalties are in addition to any other remedies permitted under the law. We have been fortunate in our town in not having these kinds of issues but, in light of recent national events, we are taking this opportunity to include this, hopefully never to be needed, rule.

GAME SUBSTITUTION RULES:  Fair and equitable substitution is one of the most important tenets of coaching for TYB.  All players should play an equal amount of time to the best of your ability.

  1. No player may play more than one quarter more than any other player on his/her team.
  2. Every player must play at least ½ the game.
  3. A player who doesn’t play the 1stquarter MUST START & PLAY the entire 2nd
  4. The #1 and #2 Travel players on each team as defined by the league supervisor must sit out the 2ndquarter unless it would result in having to play with 4 players. Where the top rated Travel players on the team are needed in order to play with 5 players, any points scored by the #1 and #2 rated players in the 2ndquarter will NOT count.
  5. For teams with 11 and 12 players coaches must make necessary adjustments to closely align with competitive fairness and equal playing time rules 1 through 4. (If you feel that a coach fails to honor the substitution rules please report immediately to the league supervisor)

RUNNING UP THE SCORE:            TYB believes that there are few benefits to running up the score and much to be gained in learning how to win with dignity and respect for other children in a recreational league. There are many things a coach can do to try to keep the score a little closer once a big lead has been established by his/her team:

  1. Only permit the less talented players to bring up the ball
  2. Require each player on the winning team to receive a pass before any shot is taken
  3. Only permit the players who rarely score to shoot
  4. Play defense and only challenge the ball IN THE KEY thereby allowing the other team to obtain quality scoring chances
  5. There are many fun creative ideas to increase other non-scoring skills.


Must play either play a “man-to-man”, 2-3 or a 2-12 zone defense.  Doubling or Trapping a player with the ball is prohibited.  Help defense is allowed in the key and requires players to switch defense (vs. double teaming). After 2 warnings, a technical foul can be awarded upon each additional violation.


  • Juniors – NEVER
  • Inters – Final three minutes of 4thquarter and overtime only
  • Seniors – 4thquarter and overtime only



Basketball is a team game and it is incumbent upon the coaches to exemplify that.  Teams are prohibited from continually emphasizing isolation plays.

BACKCOURT VIOLATION: 10 seconds for ALL divisions. For clarifications, in all schools other than the Middle and Alpine School, due to the small size of the courts, once the ball is advanced into the front court, the backcourt line is considered the opposite foul line as opposed to original half court line. As such, teams can guard their opposition if the opposition retreats past the half court line unless the ball goes back into the backcourt as a result of the defensive team (including a non-shooting foul by the defensive team), wherein the offensive team will have another 10 seconds to advance the ball into the front court.

JUMP BALLS: “Jump Balls” are awarded alternating possessions between the teams. For clarification, the possession to start each period is included as a jump ball.

THREE POINT SHOTS:  Okay for all divisions

IN THE KEY: Juniors and Inters – 5 Seconds          Seniors – 3 Seconds
All other topics are covered by the official NJ High School Rules. Any disagreements with other coaches, the scorekeepers or rules enforcement during the game should be addressed only to the referees or league supervisors who have final authority during the game. Both head coaches should meet with the referees at midcourt before each game to discuss any specific concerns or unusual player circumstances. Each referee has latitude in enforcing the degree of each rule.  By start of each game, the coaches are expected to then manage their teams accordingly.

Please remember scorekeepers and referees are not NBA professionals; they are also human and therefore not perfect. Please do NOT get into any extended argument or discussion during the game – as parents and coaches we must lead by our behavior. Any comments on referees, scorekeepers, timers, opposing coaches or players should be directed to your league supervisor or division heads.

Please ask your players NOT to arrive earlier than 15 minutes before a game or practice and not to wear jewelry, as it is prohibited. Please inform parents to pick up players no later than the scheduled end of practice or game. Any problems with parents should be directed to your league supervisor.

If you are the last team to leave a school – PLEASE look around and be sure there are no children left unattended. Coaches must also take responsibility for what is going on in the halls, bathrooms, stages, or stands, as well as on the basketball court. Please clean the bench area, and remove any bottles after the game/practice and report any injuries or damage to school property immediately to your league supervisor. We are also guests of the Tenafly and Alpine Schools and we can lose that privilege. Any problems that can’t be solved, please report to your league supervisor.


For more information email info@tenaflyyouthbasketball.org